Sunday, May 31, 2009


I think I am too future oriented...I've noticed lately that most of my female friends open the skins of their onion-y spirits layers upon layers of seasons...ever sensitive to seasons of change, always on the forefront of major tectonic shifts, the paper like fragility of risking what is in hopes of something more fulfilling, more authentic, more....more...more...."YOU/ME/WHAT IS MEANT TO BE...."

This bending orientation, this grasping, this striving...well, whew! It gets tiring doesn't it? These past few weeks, a recognition swept over me...I am very tired of trying to surpass myself. Of longing for more...

I accepted a stellar position overseas (going in early fall), and combined with a foot injury sweeping away my jogging therapy, I've been struggling with doing less.

Less at work...less exercise....less planning.....

Patience has never been MY virtue...and as I look around at many women, especially SINGLE women, I encounter the same mentality...

My life will be better when "we go that cruise" "when I can run again," "When I move to Germany..."

I still want more...but for now, I am saying the word "less" aloud many times a is a meditation for simplicity...

Is less more?

What do you need to do less?


  1. what do I need to do less? worry about getting everything done!

    Tell us more about your stellar position overseas? This is a big deal and I can't wait to hear more about it. Or maybe you already wrote about it and I just need to catch up?

  2. Congrats on the position! How exciting!

    I completely understand and agree about your desire to have/do more more more. I never feel satiated.

    I need to do less worrying/thinking, and more doing. I guess your point isn't to have "more" follow the less. Oops. Stuck in my/our trap.

    -- L


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