Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting out of Debt!

Task #21: Pay Off one of my student loans:

I paid off my private loan from my Harvard master’s! How awesome is that? For all of us overeducated ladies out there, who pride ourselves on our formal learning accomplishments, this goal signifies a validation of some sort...that I am a woman that honors my debts. Month after month of putting away extra chunks here, of cutting back on cable there, of not going out to eat or analyzing whether a movie was worth $10, I am now out of the high interest rate loan I had to take in order to enroll in the program.

. I had full scholarships for my undergrad, and thus wasn’t upset about taking loans for the master’s…but the federal loans didn’t cover all of the costs. When I decided to go to Harvard, I was very distressed that my parents couldn’t help me financially…so, I took a personal education loan at a 8% interest rate…

Of all the loans I’ve taken to complete the PhD and other masters’, this loan is the most sentimental. The loan served as a token that I am supremely blessed to be born a woman at this time in history, in this country, to obtain multiple higher degrees and be trusted that I will “pay” it back both economically and socially. But since I did it on my own, it signifies that I am capable and quite competent, to find the resources necessary to meet my goals. And PAY them back WITH INTEREST.

I might not be able to meet all of my needs, all of the time…because there will always be wanting, the bitterness always tangible….

What I take, I give back….and I give back leaving more than I took….

Ah, what a life well lived.


  1. Congratulations. It is wonderful that women have the chance to pursue their dreams, and it's shameful that there are still places where girls aren't even allowed to learn to read. Here's to all the women who give back more than we take.

  2. Now that I have new job, I will be paying off crazy chunks of debt every month! I am super excited to watch the numbers go down down down! I feel so rich (although I won't be living rich until all the debt goes away, that is for sure!)

  3. That is great to hear!!! :-))

  4. Congratulations! What a great feeling. Now if you're like me you'll go out and buy a bunch of random stuff you don't really need, because hey, you're rich now! (Ten dollar organic tea bags anyone?) But seriously, treat yourself a little.


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